Saturday, September 13, 2014

Write a program a day challenge!

So I did a tiny update on the looks of the blog today, just to get rid of all the standard blog stuff. Some day I might get the thumb out of my arse and make my own layout... But for now; meh.

The background picture is indeed a functional java program. Just a little something I whipped together as a part of a challenge I was thinking of doing:

the "Write a program a day!"-challenge!

I find that just reading about programming every day isn't enough, so I'm gonna challenge myself to write a small program every day. I was thinking of something that takes about an hour to put together, but there's no time limit on it; if I feel like doing something that takes all day, I'm free to.

Would anyone care to join me?

There's no requirement to show what you make, it's more of a personal challenge where you just code to get the code through your fingers into the spine. It can be anything, however simple or complex you feel like; no-one's gonna judge you.

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