Thursday, September 11, 2014


To me, programming is like a puzzle. A lego puzzle where you decide the motif. It's logical, it makes sense and there's so much to do with it. It tickles my mind that wants to absorb information, it tickles my logical thinking, and it tickles my imagination. I love it. It can eat me whole, consume all my time and I'll be happy.

I love falling asleep letting possible code structures running through my head. I love finding the next tool that'll let me do what I want. I love that "aha" moment when things just click. It's fun to read other people's code and figure out what it means. It's getting easier and easier, even with methods and tools I have yet to learn about.

When my teacher says that FX is more advanced than swing, a sparkle is born in my eyes and I instantly get consumed with curiosity of what it means, in what way is it more advanced? What can it do? I can't wait know!

The decision to start learning Java feels more and more like "fate". This is what I'm supposed to do, what have I been doing before this? Stupid me!

I hope this feeling will last.

Last night I fell asleep after the words "I wonder who'll hire me" and for the first time in my 5 year long unemployment life, it was a positive question full of future and expectation, not the old usual "will any one ever want me?".

I fell asleep smiling.

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