Sunday, September 21, 2014

The immutable drama of map

Gently, gently, he moved his fingers over all her buttons.
- "Before I commit," he says "I have to mutate you".
Map fidgeted a bit.
- "But you know, darling, that I'm immutable. The source code says..."
He interrupts her.
- "To hell with the source code, I need this now!"
He passionately holds on to her whole body, moving his fingers faster. She squirms a bit and sighs;
- "I-if you want to mutate, p-please be gentle!"
He gives it all he's got. M, K, and he commits to her whole repository!
- "I SAID BE CAREFUL! THAT HURT! Dammit why didn't you SetFromMap! I trusted you!".
She escapes his grasps as the application crashes.
- "DAMNIT!" says the the programmer.

Don't ask me what I'm doing. I was just reading the source-code.

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