Saturday, September 6, 2014

Hello world!

Last week I began my new education, which is - of course - programming in the Java. I am still but a n00b and I know near nothing, but I'm having fun and my mission for the coming 2 years is to live and breathe programming.

So far I love my schedule, I love my classmates and I love my choice. I dream of coding and I wake up early because "time to try that!".

I am not a native English speaker so some jokes in this blog will be in Swedish with English translations, like so:
*pulla is swinglish for pull, but it also mean to finger someone*
Pulla in the tree? How else could I pull a commit from source tree?
Which also illustrates my bad and naughty humour. I apologize in advance.

This blog is not PG13,
(but it's not adults only either)


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