Thursday, September 18, 2014

This week, just wow..!

This week, no day turned out as I had planned. Monday took a very nice turn of events; after mentioned shower I was invited last minute to go watch a seminar on Java 8 in Jönköping. Best. Decision. Ever. I already love it! It was incredibly interesting and despite that I've only been programming Java for 3 weeks I could follow along with everything he said. The second part of the lecture was a little bit more advanced, but still 100% understandable. And I had 4 wonderful classmates with me to hang out and discuss it as well. Best Monday indeed!

Though all my plans for Monday - including the program I was intending to make and the trip to the store. I couldn't have made it even if I wanted to as we came back at midnight.

Tuesday, fun fun fun! But boy was I too tired to even think about shopping, and I did program in school so I fulfilled that part of my challenge. I also initiated a new project that's due on Tuesday. Fun!

Wednesday, I don't know what happened there. I got up and suddenly it was afternoon (coding does that to you) and time to go shop. While in the shop, I meet up with the only person more talk-active than my little sister, whom monologued with me for 2h. My less than one hour shopping trip took near 3. All I had time to do was cook dinner and go to bed.

This morning, I did wake up early, prepared my lunch box and had breakfast, only to still leave late for the train... And at the platform, as the train arrives I see before myself the commuting pass still laying right next to the computer station on my desk, right next to my lunch box and breakfast-break sandwich. Fudge-cakes with extra cream.

Good thing I have school today. Any other activity and my day would have been ruined. At least I have school now ♥

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