Tuesday, February 17, 2015

One can dream, right?

It would be nice if I could manage to get a job working with Java already; I love coding and it feels like I will learn more and become a better coder if I get to go out into the real deal business. I'm going to a gathering on thursday and I've been toying with the idea of making a website for myself to have something to show myself off with.

It would be nice indeed if someone thought I was of the right material to hire or train through a paid internship...

So the design I've worked up so far looks something like this:

Thursday, February 12, 2015

"For dummies" is not for dummies

And it's definitely not for smarties either. I'm reading a book out of the series "for dummies" and it really baffles me how bad this book is. I already kinda have an idea about what the subject is about, and I know most of the best practices for the tasks described in them.

If you are struggling with a subject and want to learn more about it, do not buy a "for dummies" book. It will only make you feel more dumb and confused than you already are. And it's NOT because the book is overly complicated; it's just poorly written.

I've just shifted through 40 pages of utter and pure bull that won't teach you anything and has little to no relevance for the subject you're studying. It includes a role-play and a long rant of how awesome you're gonna be when you've read this book. It isn't, because following those 40 pages, is a on-and-off continuation of the role-play mixed with bad implementations of the code. They show you some concepts of the subject at hand but never really explain what the red thread for the subject is.

The pedagogy is null.
The facts are null.
Any pattern for the concept is null.

I'm getting an awful lot of NullPointerExceptions from a book that's supposed to to teach patterns, design, and structure.

And that is an issue because the readers the book is targeting can not tell that the information is faulty, that the pedagogy is bad or that it isn't their fault that a book marketed "for dummies" makes them feel more stupid. That's a horrible trait for a book to have, and it strongly discourages people from learning. You shouldn't have to feel that you're too dumb to learn something just because you read a bad book.

The only dummies relating to that book, is the one who let the books be published with such poor and confusing content.