Friday, October 10, 2014

Studying something you love

It's so nice to be studying something you love. I began coding around ten last night and now it's nearly half passed seven in the morning. I want to keep going, but I got to a part I've never really learned, and I'm too tired to think or understand what I'm reading.

So continuing from here is more or less impossible... but I'll live.

I'll bear the code with me in my dreams, and I'll logic my way to a solution. Right now I'm stuck on trying to create something I should be able to make, I'm just too tired to brain.

It's a nice feeling though; I've been at it for so many hours and I still just wanna continue! I've already ordered my JavaFX textbook and I feel so ready for it! Finally some GUI!

The things I wanna make somehow make more sense if you're thinking with the visuals.

I hope I can catch some zeds soon.

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