Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Passed my first course with flying colours!

I've nagged about this everywhere online today, but I'm genuinely happy about passing my first course with the highest grade and lots of praise I didn't expect.

The goal in my coding is to make readable good code that's safe and generally well structured and built. It feels nice when it pays off, and I just love coding more and more for each day.

So I'm celebrating by bying myself a new mouse and keyboard that they had on a daily sale today. My mice are failing so I need at least one new, and I'd like a USB keyboard.

Oh, and the other week I made an avatar for the Java room's bot. While I gloat in my happiness you can have a look:


  1. Congrats on passing man... Good for you... Also, gaming rage with Mice and Keyboards means I get a new one every 3 - 5 months

    1. Thanks dude!

      I'm lucky enough to "only" need to buy a new mouse every 2 or 3 years, though that's only when I buy the real cheap stuff, it last better than the gaming mice.