Friday, April 3, 2015

Bashing people for not using Linux is like bashing people for living in apartments

First off, let's start with everything that's great about houses and linux;
There's a lot of freedom. A LOT of freedom. You can remodel and build whatever you want in it. Want a second kitchen? BAM! Just build one and you got one! You can hire any contractor you want for whatever job you want, you're not restricted by your landlord. You can be as noisy as you want, you're not dependent on anyone else but yourself. There are no secret processes going on that you aren't aware of unless you chose to stay ignorant. Most people who know what they're doing would probably prefer to live in a house.

Hardware limitations transfer to your property's limitations; there may be restrictions about adding little huts or building out your house, but within the limitations, you can do whatever you want, and that is a lot more than when you live in an apartment.

Sometimes it can even be a lot cheaper to live in a house than in an apartment. But if you have to build a house, learning Linux takes time, and time is money. Ubuntu is like a module house or a suburban It's a little bit easier to live in and maintain, but it's still a house. You don't spend as much time building it. But you also loose a little of your freedom. Not to mention, nobody is going to fix things for you. There's no landlord to call about that dripping tap or the hole in your roof. You are your own boss here for the better and worse.

Apartments, like windows and macOS are easily available; they often come with your device, just like apartments are a natural part of a city, whereas houses usually are a bit away from the city core or any city for that matter. There are a lot more options where software translates to stores and services; the demand is higher and therefor the supply. They're cheap, you don't build anything really. With the landlord's permission you may be able to remodel your kitchen, but why would you? When the time comes, the landlord will do that for you. Things run smoothly, but you don't have that freedom you would have in your own house.

For some people, getting a house or a Linux computer is equally hard; there may not be houses where they need to live and if you don't have anyone to help you learning Linux, some might not be able to learn it at all.

For the mass who want the conveniences that a city gives you, an apartment is the best choice. And it only makes sense that an architect or property owner knows how the apartments work in order to develop them. Even if you live in a house, you'll probably still at least have an office in the city.

Sure, houses do have their own services too; you'll find a local store that has the essentials, but it's far from all the luxury you would have wanted. If enough people buy houses in your area, then of course the supply of services becomes greater too, but eventually, they'll tear down the houses and build apartments there too as it becomes a city rather than a village.

Linux is not bad, I love Linux, but it just doesn't make any sense to me to bash people just for using a certain OS. When you know your shit, Linux is awesome! But if you don't know your shit, if you can't build whatever you need when there's no supply of it, you're kinda doomed.

I do agree however that every developer should try to have at least one Linux machine, or a dual boot. Just like I do kind of believe that every developer should own a device running the OS they are developing. Unix is great to learn! But not everyone is capable of building their own house from the very basics.

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